Consulting Service in Governance, Risk, Compliance, Legal, Audit


We offer you an investment consultation related with Business Strategy.

Detail contact for further discussion, see “About Me”.

Consultation of Governance, Risk, Compliance, Legal, Audit.


Our Services and Products

  1. Awareness and Advance Training on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Business Continuity Management (BCM), and Governance Risk Compliance (GRC). It include Risk Control Self Assessment.
  2. ERM, BCM, and GRC maturity level improvement through maturity assessment, gap analysis, recommendations and road-maps.
  3. Development of policies and procedures for ERM, BCM, and GRC.
  4. Implementation of ERM, BCM, and GRC through organization design, corporate wide assessment/profiling, automation, and modeling.
  5. Risk-based audit and assurance planning.
  6. Risk Management performance management and Risk Management Framework Bench-marking and Review.
  7. Risk Management automation products: Enterprise Risk Dashboard Application, Risk Modeling Application, and Assets Risk Management Application


2. Values and Teamwork Development, Leadership, Training, and Monitoring.

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