Leadership – Hungry and Fun with Change

Good morning,

How’s your day? Are you dealing with repeat same activity or meet with changes everyday? If meet with changes, congrats, it means that you had explore another side of your brain, unlock another door. Our brain contain of million of nerve cells called neurons that control your body’s function. The nerve cells will grow up, following your new experiences, makes us stronger to cope a new challenges.

There are a daily examples. When you travel from home to office and vice versa, you know how to do and go, even you can just go without thinking (auto-pilot). When the journey took another road, you will worry about what if fails, etc. Another examples in our business, let say transportation and hotel. In the past, the traditional approach make customers come to us first, ask a few questions, then general a sales. Now, the use an online based, customer just choose from internet, make a booking from application, have a lot of preferences, then (maybe) generate sales. The other examples in game Pokemon Go. In the past, peoples just stay in front of the gadget with less direct human interaction. Now, peoples pull by their vision to connect with other peoples directly in more frequent time. In some area, they use a hype of Pokemon to make or general additional income in their business. E.g. they use Pokestop to attract gamer to come to their place and make a transaction.

Changes can be support or destroy you, it depend on how view on it. If you decide to take a changes, then be prepare for an action. Yesterday, in my leadership training class, there are a questions from participants. He said that like the changes but how do we know if happy with changes? How to ensure that the change would not disturb my day? I gave him few indicators:

  1. Do you need the change?
  2. Have you make an identification and assessment of changes?
  3. Are you ready to replace a comfort and familiar daily activities with a (radical) change?
  4. Are you ready to explore new momentum with unclear results?
  5. Are you ready to start “NOW”?

If all answers are yes, then you have a fun change. It means that the changes already accepted by your brain and soul, the vision of changes has pull you closer.

In company’s perspective, most senior leader have a simple goal – to make a stability, and shareholders want a predictable earning growth. To make a change, a company need to:

  1. Put a top priority on “people issues”. Start with leadership team, engage key stakeholders, and adopt often for any change movement. You can use data collection, planning, and implementation of strategy, system, and process.
  2. Top-down approach. Start with top of the top, confirm a single voice, and alignment & commitment for culture & behavior.
  3. Management buy-in and cascading leadership. Start to find a leader of change who trained well with alignment of company’s vision, and specific initiative & motivation of changes.
  4. Alignment and strategy map. To make a same vision, the need to established approved strategy and specific road map.
  5. Trust by Ownership. The leader of change must accept and spread every one responsibility.
  6. Communication. Change without communication is like a body without a neurons. It need regularly with proper action to eliminate over-communication. Speak with individuals, to understand their contribution in change process.
  7. Face cultural environment. Start with assessment in very early stage by identification of values, beliefs, perceptions, etc. Then address it explicitly.
  8. Prepare for the worst. You will facing with rejection, react with unexpected ways, etc. In simple statement, create a mitigation action.
  9. Rewards every change of process.

So, what about in our daily life? E.g. in our selves, family, etc. It similar with above explanation.

  1. Identify and assess your needs of change.
  2. Make a good habit. It start with leave comfort zone, continuous learning, ask an advice, don’t lose on small detail, single task for focus energy, honest to your self, ask a feedback, lead by example, focus on future rather than see the past, and make a friendship with positive peoples.
  3. Do it now. It can started with define your priorities, and start asap.

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.

Image: www.slideshare.net

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