Business and Leadership Lesson of Pokemon Go

Good morning,

How’s your business? Running well and need expansion? Congrats for you. The business and leadership concept are not coming only from same industry but across other industry. Now days, many new start up business are coming from usage of technology. E.g. Grab, Air BnB, and the latest one is online gaming. They use technology in smartphone such as online map, GPS, camera, etc. How can they explode to the market? There are many reasons: 1. Fulfill basic human behavior – interaction, curiosity. 2. Fulfill / support basic human need – food, clothes, shelter. 3. Simplify the way – cut down waste of resources.

I bet you have heard a new viral in social media in past few days. It’s not economic, celebrity, but online game – Pokemon Go. I  am trying this game for 2 days with high curiosity. Luckily, my apartment located in commercial area so its very easy to find them.


So, what’s kind of magic that game offer to us, and importantly, what business and leadership lesson from the game? I share it one by one.


  1. Its not overnight effort. The game is develop by Niantic from previous game “Ingress” which has similar pattern and combine with Pokemon Company, and Nintendo. It started on April Fool’s Day 2014, to find Pokemon via Google Maps. Finally, in late 2015, Niantic spun off with Google, Nintendo, and Pokemon Company to invest USD 20 million for explode this new product to the market. Business lesson: ideas are not final, they grow-up, make an evolution, and transform from previous or another ideas. Niantic using a initial idea from April Fool, combine with technology from google, using famous everlasting character, and meet a basic need of Nintendo (involve in smartphone game). Let see Uber car that meet needs of effective & efficient transportation. They are meeting the need of car owner, customers, and combine with latest technology from google. Leadership Lesson: leadership is both research and practical skill to lead and change entire community. This game lead us to change the way of play and interact. It create an inspiring vision of future business model. It makes peoples move looking forward.
  2. You can catch famous Pikachu at first game. Right at beginning of game, don’t choose initial character of Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle. Just run away until disappear for fourth time and amazingly, Pikachu will joining the party. Unfortunately, I was late read this information. Business lesson:  always due diligence and assess a risk for any market you enter in. Ensure understand the current and future trend of your business before launch it in hurry. Better a little bit late with low risk rather than start with high risk. Leadership lesson: leader must ensure the execution to deliver vision is properly managed. Listen before talk.
  3. Catching high level Pokemon need proper strategy. Its asy to catch under 100 CP Pokemon, but hard to catch over 100 CP or even 300 CP Pokemon. We need to combine with color of ring, size of ring, lob it directly to Pokemon, turning-off AR model, and evolution current Pokemon. Business Lesson: Never rely on a single strategy, combine with another, create back up plan, and adapt with current situation. Nintendo previously wants to focus only via console and ignore mobile game. They adapt with current customer need and create a different strategy with support from another company to create Pokemon Go. In Indonesia, many restaurant align with online transportation to make a fast and efficient way of customer’s need and experience. Like Sun Tzu say in Art of War, variations and adaptability focuses on the need for flexibility in army’s response, how to response to shifting event successfully. Leadership lesson: Innovates. If you create one strategy, combine it with another way of think to create new and fresh strategy.

A leader leads by example not by Force.


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