Managing Leader’s-Limiting Habit

Good morning and how do you do today?

If you can open and read my articles, means that you have bless with great power, with nice life, and great future. Have you imagine that many peoples out there are suffering from basic needs food, clothes, and home?

As a leader and manager, we need to praise our self that we have bless with great power with great responsibility. We are great leader with great team, but sometimes complaint with surrounding events. E.g. Lack of experience team member and teamwork, toxic team member, high pressure office politics, etc. Remember to praise to God since other leader may have a more trouble maker team member with super high office politics and very low budget.

True leader is not complaint about current situation but make it a step to another journey. To be a great leader need to every experience and be stronger with it. To deal with it, we need to have a better habit, not only a good one but a great habit. Okay, lets discuss one by one with different angle.

An Office

Not Inspire & Lead by Example

Let say our client has a manager, called “A”. He has more than 5 team member. He always complaint that his team could not follow his speed, could not give him what he want, and high turnover. The boss of “A” have a good impression of his individual work and willing to promote him, but asking us as a consultant why his looks like not engage with the team.

The Cause: we dig an information from his surrounding & team, learn company’s policy & politics, and his psychology. We did simple test to gain a better perspective of what happen in back and predict on future. Based on our research, there are internal and external factors. Internal: only urgent and very urgent instruction on his priorities, not consistent on word and planning, can not say “no”. External: extensive changes (regulatory & organization), many new initiative, general skill of team member.

The Effect: Stakeholders complaint about long response, can not keep promise & target, too high pressure on him & team. In long term, it could impact to country’s performance.

The Recommendation: the cure is not for him, the team, but also for a company. For all, need to praise that the company’s still running well this year. For “A”: must can say “no” for out of scope, create a risk assessment that align with company’s goal for new changes or initiative to re-prioritize the plan & communicate regularly to stakeholder, divided a team on specific area and rolling it up on regular basis. Some tips on say “no” are: hold and ask them to get your boss  approval in writing, think your other deliverables before speak, talk with eye & heart to slow down the current pressure. For team member: remind “A” for in scope plan, mapping team’s obligation to stakeholders & schedule a yearly meeting plan. For company:  focus on company’s core value added rather than initiate many new initiative as a gimmick.



A Family

Let say “B” as a husband of family. He is a good individual with great career, high salary, looking forward, well plan & prepare. So what’s wrong with him? Seems nothing.

The Cause: “B” come from a family with military background. He has a dream to reach the top career with high income to make his family on wealth family status. He work extremely hard with low level of quality time of family and his health. In his mind, just work and work for a company. Looks like “B” is a visionary leader but in fact, his selfishness reach a top level. He lack concern for others, lack of awareness of others goal and opinion, and not delegate.

The Effect: As a leader, his family always complaint about family time and worried about his long term health. The source of income only come from “B”, even protected by insurance, still worried about that. Their nice house looks like a hotel but with occupation less than 30%, means family member only use it as a place for sleep at night.

The Recommendation: First of all, need to praise that the family still complete with a nice life compare with homeless & jobless people. Conduct risk assessment and predict if continue with this current situation, what will happen in short, medium, or long term. For “B”: if related with workload as mention on previous example “The Office”, back to recommendation above. If related with personality, break down his priority. Ask his plan, execution, and end of journey. Explain to him that if limitless is danger since it will push our body exceeding the limit everyday. Give the real example of selfish and lack of power of giving would lead to a lonely and just pass all nice life event. The power of “current time” is greater compare with “unpredictable future”. E.g. your kids first talk & walk, birthday, graduation, sick, until their marriage. Some peoples who work extremely hard and gain a very success career for more than 20 years, hoping all event can be rewind again,like movie “Click – Adam Sandler. To cope with low empathy, we recommend for look the body language, maintain eye contact to watch the signal, and get curious for better understanding. For family: mandatory daily 30 minutes breakfast/dinner for all family member without gadget & tell each today’s activities, mandatory weekend for family time & pray, etc. Basically, need a life balance, like a yin yang.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.





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