A Seven Habits to be a Great Leader

Good morning and how’s your weekend? Lets start with easy and common subject. What’s come on your mind if you selected as a new leader in office, open new business, or even in home community? Basically, the habits are similar but why some peoples can not execute well? Why I choose 7? I want to aligned with 7 habits of highly effective people from Stephen Covey.

Let’s take a look one by one.

  1. Innovation and adaptation. Great (potential leader) should be thinking out of the box, future oriented. There are not blame with current condition but think what should they do to change it and focus energy and time for controllable concern. As a risk consultant, I urge my client to focus on high risk matter. After risk maturity assessment, we conduct risk assessment to get a high risk and top priority. Then, each leader could focus on. If the current business could not afford long term goal, then need to  create a new innovation and adapt with new approach. In entrepreneur side, we need to see with a different angle. If our project proposal is not accepted by client, then we need to change our view and put our shoes on client’s shoes. In family side, when we want to teach our elementary children, need a huge patient. We need to adapt with their world. We can not teach team as same as high school student, but need combine with something that they like most. When teach match subject to them, I used to use their favorite cartoon and play using it. It similar with habit # 1 – be pro active, circle of influence and circle of concern.
  2. See the big picture, consistent, and have an integrity. Usually, a people have a single life goal. E.g. Thomas A. Edison continue until 10.000 light bulb, Steve Jobs found apple as a home PC, Mark Zuckerberg found Facebook to connect peoples with internet, etc. Focus on one big goal with lead us on clear path, and know where to go. Like a manager in company, they need to focus on department’s goal that derived from company’s goal. Or when we go for hiking and want to see a sunrise at early morning. We will focus to complete the mission even though half-to-die. When I went hiking to mount Rinjani in Lombok, 2nd highest mountain in Indonesia, I got my self very tired and want to go back. Since I have personal goal to summit attack, then continue the journey until reach the top of mountain. It similar with habit #2 – Begin with end of mind.
  3. Time management and good executor. Success boss, leader, and people, have a good time management and execute well. They plan, do, action, and check everyday. It similar with habit # 3 – Put first thing first.
  4. Great integrity, courage, take a risk & opportunity. Great leader always take a risk to reach the goal. In my risk consultant role, almost all companies take the risk with different level. In average, they take moderate risk and it’s my job to give them a solution. It’s like teach your children to run a bike for a first time. They will have a risk to fall but your job as a parent is mitigate it by give them support. It similar with habit # 4 – Think win-win.
  5. Listening and understanding. Some of you experiences on hard meeting, when each people in the room speak and don’t want to listen. If they want to listen, then they can not understand the real situation, team work will disappear. As business owner, need to listen what customers want. Sometimes we offer complex solution while they want it simple. Listening is more advance act than only hear. It similar with habit # 5 – Seek first to understand and then to be understood.
  6. Team work. We are not alone, need a team to accomplish all work. Like a football team. You might see a team full with super star but sometimes lose with ordinary team. It’s not about peoples but more to teamwork. It similar with habit # 6 – Synergy.
  7. Balance and Enjoy Life. The final habit is enjoy your life. Some of you might see money as a first priority, but in some case it’s not work. If we can not balance all 6 habits above with enjoy life, it’s useless. Its similar with habit # 7 – Sharpen the saw.



“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” —Albert Einstein

Image: www.pinterest.com

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