Strategic Execution – Test Your Execution of Great Strategic Alignment

Good morning and welcome back!

Hows your mid-year assessment review? So far so good? Do you have any chance to change it before year end? Any changes in the market that makes you need an adjustment? How’s progress of execution of strategy? Is it align with company’s goal?

If we back to the book’s theory, there are so many books that can be refer to. I read most of the books for my consulting purposes. Such as Alignment, Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Focus Organization, Execution, Good to Great, Competitive Advantage, etc.

Alignment: Using the Balanced Scorecard to Create Corporate Synergies  Strategy Maps: Converting Intangible Assets into Tangible Outcomes The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't


Also, we might use a consultant for organization changes. But, still, there are a gap, between who (resources – organization), how (strategy), and what (goals/values). It’s like using new technology (how) without preparation of resources (who) and where the path to go (what). I remember my city, Jakarta, with a Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama. He want to bring Jakarta as a smart city, as same as Singapore (what). He bring a lot of technology to be use to and monitor effectively (how). But still, there are a gap with who – peoples, culture, even politic. I am just taking him as an example only.

Okay, let back again. So, now, you have build an organization, a system to run it into, and a goals. You use a lot of global best practice, but still found a lack. Something wrong and bothering you all the time. You need to check whether its correct or not.

Actually, we have a simple system that can alert you, like a traffic light in the road. It can be applied for organization, own business, and family/your self. Lets take a look one by one.


For the following term, score your self from 0 – 100, of current strategy. Mark it as a red (0-39), yellow (40-69), and green (70-100).

What – Dreams / Goals

In every life, we have a dream, like a ABBA’s song. “I have a dream, a song to sing. To help me cope with anything. If you see the wonder of a fairy tale. You can take the future even if you fail”. Yes, a dream makes us identify the goals, purpose of life, what can be in the future. Its like a Steve Jobs quote: “lets go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday”. A dream and goals is something that can not change, must be permanent, and long lasting. It could be a north star of your life, once in a life time.


H0w – A Strategy

After we know what path to choose, the next action is how to achieve it. Score your self, is it a good strategy or need to adapt with current practice. Is it still reliable to support your dream or goals?

There are so many best strategy in the world, but the simplification are:

  1. Strategic focus organization: simple, translate to operational, everyone’s job, continual process, & mobilize change.
  2. Target market.
  3. Marketing mix (products/services, place, promotion, & price).

Who – A resources

Then, we choose the resources to run the strategy. Score your self, should add resources or need adjustment? Can it support your dream in current situation or in future?

  1. Balanced Scorecard: financial, customers, processes, and learning & growth.
  2. Strategy Map: intangible assets.
  3. Culture, process, structures.

Alignment – Leadership & Execution

Finally, create an alignment by the power of leadership and execute well. In life of Thomas Edison, he said: “Vision without execution is hallucination.” Another is Peter Drucker: “There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.” The last Michael Porter “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”Also, score your self, do we have a “Force” as a soul of our dream to ensure strategy and resources on the correct path to achieve the dreams and goals? The “Force”, like in Star Wars movie, is a soul to lead and ability to great execution.

  1. Linking strategy for competitive advantage.
  2. Cohesive, comprehensive, and cost effective.
  3. Ability to get things done.
  4. Good leadership is prerequisite of execution.


Now, lets move on to next level.

The simple test using these method.

  1. Score and map your condition for strategy and resources.
  2. Average the score to get score of alignment.
  3. Ensure you have reach the correct level.
How – Strategy Green 2 4 5
Yellow 2 4 4
Red 1 3 3
Red Yellow Green
Who – A Resources
Red 0-39 Not aligned
Yellow 40-69 Partialy aligned
Green 70-100 Aligned
Level 1 Not long & suitable for business
Level 2 High dream, lack of support & capability
 Level 3 No where to run, slow speed
 Level 4 In the middle of correct path to glory
 Level 5 Best & Winner

Now, let take an example of each level.

Level 4 and 5 – best condition, strong commitment, leadership, and execution. The good example is Intel and ARM, that use for over 95% PC and smart devices. They have superior technical innovation.

Level 5
Strategy 85 Green Aligned
Resources 80 Green Aligned
Execution 82,5 Green Best & Winner
How – Strategy Green 5
Red Yellow Green
Who – A Resources
Level 4
Strategy 85 Green Aligned
Resources 60 Yellow Partially aligned
Execution 72,5 Green In the middle of correct path to glory
How – Strategy Green
Yellow 4
Red Yellow Green
Who – A Resources

Level 3, less reaction with rapid change and customer’s need. E.g. Kodak, who slow reaction on digital area. Instead of digital camera for “Kodak moment”, they still focus on film-centrist strategy. Another are Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry.

Level 3
Strategy 30 Red Not aligned
Resources 85 Green Aligned
Execution 57,5 Yellow No where to run, slow speed
How – Strategy Green
Red 3
Red Yellow Green
Who – A Resources

Level 2, they have a big dreams, but lack on execution. Usually adapt best practice but lack on how to do it on organization. Examples are from banking and investment, let say Barclays. This organization have a complex and siloed, but on other side corporate culture  wasn’t fit with long term purposes, just focus on short term and financial rather than sustainability and business purposes.

Level 2
Strategy 85 Green Aligned
Resources 30 Red Not aligned
Execution 57,5 Yellow High dream, lack of support & capability
How – Strategy Green 2
Red Yellow Green
Who – A Resources

Level 1, can not compete in new area, fail to address customer need. There are so many companies and its your job to find it out.

Level 1
Strategy 30 Red Not aligned
Resources 30 Red Not aligned
Execution 30 Red Not aligned
How – Strategy Green
Red 1
Red Yellow Green
Who – A Resources



So, how’s your score? Its a simple test and check. Why you score it that way, and what is the impact for future. It’s not about the score, but how you create alignment and ability to execute for sustainability and business purposes. Make a risk based thinking to create effective and efficient way.



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