The Seven Recipes of From Great to Best People

Good morning!


Have you dreaming of become great people? Everybody want, either as a employee, entrepreneur, student, athlete, or even your self. Most of great to best people find a difficulty and transform into good or bad condition.

The recipes for every good to great people basically, similar. There are no secret recipes or hidden agenda. It’s a common practice, but can be different result for everyone. I bet you see many peoples can cook chicken but the result are varies, depend on experiences, recipes, oil, etc.

One single word is “motivation”. It will trigger people from great to best in life. There are so many examples:

Leonardo Dicaprio. He’s win Oscar for best actor movie Revenant, after waiting for 10 years. He has a motivation to be a best actor in life, never give up and gain his achievement.

Nick Vujicic, by the absence of legs and arms, struggled mentally and emotionally. Now, becoming motivational speeches worldwide, focusing on living with disabilities and help to find meaning in life.


Okay, lets back to our recipes. Basically, the recipes similar with Enterprise Risk Management works. As a risk consultant, I always share similar way to clients Lets start one by one, with examples for employee, entrepreneur, personal life.


1. Show me the destination – why.

It’s a start to know what we want to be, goals, achievement, etc. We need to unlock first door, the biggest step in life. Once open that door, we know exactly where to go. Choose the destiny and make it an action. In risk management and strategic management, it called road map. Road map will help you find the goal and how to do it.

Its like Habit # 2, from Book – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. Source: . Who you want to be, what you dreamed you’d be, doing what you always wanted to do? Be honest.

Employee: I have a friend that want to dedicate his life to grow up in a single company, let say banking. He said to me that his goal is to be CEO in that bank. After 15 years of works, now become Deputy Director. He works and dedicate most of his life to achieve the goal. In this example, his not alone, many peoples did the same way.

Entrepreneur: I have a friend, pure entrepreneur, dedicate her life to develop own business. Her goal is to become the largest e-voucher online shop in Indonesia. After 10 years, she can reach # 3 and become one of the largest e-voucher online shop in Indonesia. As same with above, she’s not alone, many peoples did the same way.

Personal Life: Few years ago, I have a simple dream – holiday in 5 big place in Japan within 6 days (exclude transportation), with semi-backpacker budget less than USD 1500. I did it last year and went to Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and mountain Fuji.


2. Show me the way – detail action.

Okay, after know what we want to be in future, what next? It’s like we have a dream to be financial freedom but always spend money for non-investment thing. I mean, for shopping, and any kind activities for short time purposes. Of course, you can not achieve the goal. The next action is create an action plan, a path to glory, a detail action. In risk management term, it called creating a policy, standard, SOP, annual risk plan. Its detail action from bigger point of view into single, daily, and detail action plan.

Employee: In above example, using my friend’s goal, become a CEO in local bank. To breakdown his goal, he always work smart and hard, never complaint of any work that come to him. Also adding his business certification and excellent interpersonal & interpersonal skills. Each day, he come very early in office and come late, beyond ordinary employee in company. His annual plan always review by him self, team, peers, and boss, every week until annually. His target is achieve zero defect.

Entrepreneur: In my example, of e-voucher company, it similar with employee’s way. Need to create detail action but with broad scope. As an entrepreneur, we need to combine factors, like internal, external, local, worldwide, economics, politics, market trend, etc. E.g. In first 4 years, she had difficulty to develop the business and almost bankrupt. To achieve BEP (break even point) or revenue minus 5% each year, is a good thing. She change the detail plan to mitigate new risk and adjust with current country development.

Personal Life: In my example, trip to Japan, with less than USD 1500. I did some detail action and mostly due to manage by own self. First, ask 5 friends to joint. Second, hunting cheap ticket a year before and got return trip USD 260 (using air asia). Third, book an apartment (using agoda and airbnb) to save meals. Forth, create effective and efficient holiday plan for 6 days visit to 5 places. Thanks to JR Pass and Shinkansen railways.


3. Mental over knowledge – preparation

To be a best people, knowledge is just 10% of success, while the rest are from courage and willingness to win. It’s called mental over knowledge.

Employee: In my example, my friend prepare him self to become a bigger and bigger every day. He’s not only focus on how to do this job right, but develop it into how to get things done. He’s also develop long term relationship with peoples from any level, to support him. The preparation also include soft skill, including leadership, managing conflict, be pro-active, be win-win, and sharpen the saw (source: ).



Entrepreneur: In my example, at first 4 years develop her business, she mostly develop her self and her employee’s mental. It’s not always related with how to run the business, but how to maintain in long term as far as can go.



Personal Life: I and my friends can not speak Japanese and never go to Japan. It’s like how to prepare our mental before the trip. We did learn the culture, helping point, local people, local tradition, and any other mental preparation. Yes, we know hot to get there, just browse via google, but still need to prepare our mental.


4. Self-discipline – foundation.

To maintain a motivation in higher level, need a solid foundation. Need to stick with schedule and action plan, to achieve long term target.

Employee: My friend get him self discipline. Everyday, he follow the plan and discipline to him self. E.g. come to office very early and back late to home.

Entrepreneur: My friend have a simple discipline. Everyday must be a better compare yesterday. She put it in her mind to motivate her self.

Personal Life: My plan is simple but need a huge discipline to finish the trip. Japan is very good country and time is a valuable. Self-discipline is a foundation to motivate us to finish the trip. Even sometimes we miss the train and need to re-book the hotel, but its a process to achieve goals.


5. Create Own Book – standards.

Have you seen movie “Up”, from Pixar? At the movie, the old men show us his book, actually his and wife’s book of life. Its a simple thing, but its a treasure for them. They want to go to Paradise Falls. The old man did everything he can, using balloons and fight with jungle. The point is, he his book of life then based from it, he can set a standard to achieve the dream.

Employee: My friend set a book of life and create a path. E.g. In next 5 years, I must become xxx, etc. With this path, he can create his own standards.

Entrepreneur: My friends create a book  of life to become #1. To achieve the goal, he set own standards and never out of it.

Personal Life: I did create own standard (plan, budget, etc) and and follow it.


6. No limit goals – dream

Most succeed people dream their own goals. Like Thomas Edision dream to create light bulb. He never limit his goal and try 10.000 times before succeed.

Employee: My friend’s goals seems like a dream for ordinary people but he’s not alone. There are so many example that ordinary people can become a CEO or even a president.

Entrepreneur: My friend long term target is #1 e-voucher in Indonesia. Seems she’s dreaming of. But now, she can prove it become #3, just few step into #1. She dream and set a standard to achieve it.

Personal Life: My dream is simple but achievable.


7. Stick to Plan – consistent

To be success, need to be consistent and stick to the plan.

Employee: My friend keep his plan update but still focus on bigger picture.

Entrepreneur: Similar with above, to be a #3 as current situation, she consistent with her standards and own path. Never decrease a quality to reach quantity.

Personal Life: Even I had several plan, but consistent and stick to plan could lead to effective and efficient plan.



Everybody need a motivation to be a best people. Create your own book of life. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life.




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