Leadership – Change and Why This Way?

Good morning readers,

Welcome back to leadership season. What comes to your mind about word “change”? Move to another path? Becoming different? Based on online dictionary (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/change), change is to make different, replace, modification, transformation, transition, etc.

Yes, basically, change is to moving forward. If you see on the following picture, most peoples want change but not many to see who wants to change.

Image: changeactivation.com

Change will come to you, like a risk. It will happen, sooner or later, positively or negatively. It’s like a roller coaster, someday you’re on top and someday on bottom. The “why question” is not related with background of change, but related with what should we do to change. Lets start.


Digital area has coming to your customers, whether you like or not.

Transportation – UBER. This technology company has change the way customer’s think and act on their daily life, especially on transportation. When UBER come to a country, a huge of demonstration come to street and want this technology forbidden on local market. A protest come from local taxi driver who were not ready for change. In Indonesia, it come to final decision that everybody need to change, both local and UBER. The change in term of regulation, tariff, customer services, etc. We can mention another technology company that change local practices.

Major technology – GOOGLE, as a search engine company, has transform into high-tech company, and reach our daily life. I bet most of you using google search, google translate, google maps, google play, etc.

Smartphone – Apple, Samsung. No body in this earth never heard about these two companies. They has transform and merge some technology into a single device.

Okay, we will not discuss about them in detail, but lets see on the impact. As a company’s point of view, these technology could have positive or negative risk impact. For positive risk impact, the technology can bring into another new business and start-up company. E.g. GOJEK in Indonesia. They are using technology of UBER, google maps, and smartphone, to bring a customers into new approach. It simple and save a time for peoples in big cities, especially Jakarta. On the other side, negative risk impact, it reduce the income of local ojek (local transport using motorcycle). We can discuss another examples, but it’s not our point here now.

Big questions are:

  1. Are we ready? Why a change need to come to us?
  2. Why need it? Let say, we are in top of performance, why need to change? We comfort on this zone, why need to move.
  3. How to do that? If yes, how to do that? Its difficult and takes time.


Those questions always come to you, as a leader, and now start to think of the solution, one by one. Assume you have been selected as a new manager, let say in food industry, but with lower performance for the past 2 years. What would you do?

1. Stop and think the big picture.What is your position on the whole big picture.

Image: www.gapatton.net

2. Mapping all business process, from pre-sales until post-sales. Even you have a current one, don’t just follow with that. Company hire you not just do but think.

Image: jpattonassociates.com

3. Create a new one. If the current one can not fit with current situation, change it. It’s okay if you want to change all and start from a scratch. Most people are comfortable to continue the business process but less if start from scratch of blank paper (source: http://www.ceo.com, title: when was the last time you asked why are we doing it this).

Image: www.slideshare.net

4. Create a solid team, combination from internal and external resources, to implement fresh idea. A success company is not by a single man but also by a solid team. Create a diverse of thinking and diverse of personality. Also, promoting the internal resources who have work for a years.

5. Talk to peoples outside your team. Talk to customers, supplier, other departments, or even to another parties who might be a potential market in future. Let them give you a new point of view. You will amaze of something new and never heard before from last resources.

6. Find a inter connectivity between unrelated areas (indirect impact) into your leadership. Its like a detective who find an evidence through something that might be unrelated in the first time. It also connect between past and future, lead to you a questions “why”.

Image: craighunkele.com

7. Lastly, made a new ideas, based on all step.

Image: quotesgram.com

Remember, change will come and transform the “why” question into acceptance.

Image: www.azquotes.com

Happy day!







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