Five things you need to know about the future of work

I  remember when still young, below 10 years, saw my parents and peoples who work every morning, with his car, nice clothes, nice office building, etc.

I saw it very nice if I can work like that.

I dream about it and study hard.

Time goes by and now, on work and entrepreneur moment.

I found it not easy as like as my childhood dream.

It’s like dream come true but with different way.

Yes, I get a work and be entrepreneur, small car, and nice building (when work at office).

But, on the other hand, so many non-technical matters that did not learn at school or university.

E.g. Managing peoples, team, leadership, how to align between company and team performance, creative, innovative, agile, follow the latest technologies, learn to understand unspoken statement, etc.

So many things that Leader or business owner need to understand.

I remember when saw movie “300”.

I am focus on how limited the team are.

They only have 300 peoples, but its a best and great warrior.

They can see a limitation of number but with their strong willingness and no fear of death, they can transform an energy.

From 300 into 300.000, or 1 Spartan warrior vs 1000 enemy soldier.

Or, similar with 3 Kingdom, from history of China.

Guan Yu, one of the best warrior, has an ability to war for 100.000 peoples, or it says that his ability as a leader similar with 100.000 enemy.

What is the similarity of these warrior, beside they are a great leader?

A soldier behind them trust a leader.

They know that this army (or team), has a clear goals, purposes.

With this clear direction, they know to where this army going to, what action need to be taken.

They also using modern technique, SWOT, 5W1H, kaizen (Toyota).

Wondering how?

Simple. Before going to next war, they always identify their strength and weakness.

If they lack of armor and number of army, they use a natural resources, strategy of “leave the king”, etc.

Especially, some of citizen, follow them at war.

They have one goal that united them.

They always change, innovate, and creative to adapt with current situation.

Or, you can find game of “clash of clan”, my fav phone game.

What is on your mind when play this game with your team?

Winning, team work, support each other, fun?

Yes, at least you and the team have a goals that makes you more creating and adapt with change.

Outside the game, your team have a leader, co leader.

Inside the game, you have Barbarian and Archer Queen.

To support the war, King and Queen, have several great army with different special skill.

E.g. I always use giant, bomber, and wizard to get into inside resources.

When I just want to loot, just using barbarian, archer.

Or, when to win a war, I use the best army, such as Golem, witch, dragon, wizard, and another spell.

The point is, we as an owner of our team, need to be flexible, more adaptable, more hybrid.

On team war, you must become a consultant or auditor or lawyer or anything.

You must present the best action based on your team goals and instruction from leader.

On your own war, you become an entrepreneur, accountant, auditor or anything.

You must select the army based on current situation.

If lack of resources, you must select cheap army, but of a lot of resources choice the greater to get a greater win.

Yes, you must become a hybrid leader for your own and as a leader for a team.

This area is a technology for everything.

These day, more team member wants a technology for his work.

You can not always said to new team member – just read this printed manual (which age more than 5 years ago), old system, old guidelines.

No, you can not.

This new age need a new and fresh ideas to work with.

They can just simply click to internet via mobile to see a new best practice, or event new job in a minute.

Leader need to accompany them with latest information by using the fresh technology.

Accompany them to always change with their interest of new area.

As you see on the picture, even young kid, can access all information through the laptop.

So, skilled worker will do the same or 100x times better.

Working from home.

Some of companies now implement this.

It could improve their capabilities.

One of reason of employees resign is due to limited hours for family, crazy traffic jam, etc.

That’s why, they move to office which closer or even working from home.

Use this technique to stay tune with team member and can maintain as low as budget.

You can read another article, as follow.


The future of leadership will see employees being given far more freedom and opportunity. The days of successful leaders being overly controlling are numbered – new ways of working mean flexibility and empowerment will become central to businesses large and small.Richard Branson

Here are five things we learned about the future of work…

  • People will want to work with an organisation that has purpose. As Tim Brown (CEO and President of IDEO) observes, only organisations with a “reason for being” will be sustainable and successful in the future and attract the next generation of talent. Our recent collaboration with BBH confirmed this – the new generation of people coming into the workforce want to work for businesses that are innovative, creative, fun and that are inspiring change.
  • People will expect lifelong growth. People are constantly curious, and keen to learn and develop their skills and knowledge. Technology has made learning available at the click of a button and that means we need to continue to develop new approaches to developing our people so that they can stay relevant and feel that they are growing.
  • We will have to help manage the ‘always on’ culture caused by technology – it’s good for them and it’s good for business. At Virgin Unite, amongst other things, we’ve introduced unlimited leave, ‘better you’ days (which support personal development goals) and the Virgin Pulse programme to support employees to sustain their own health and wellness.
  • ‘Hybrid leaders’ will be in demand. These are leaders who can work collaboratively across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors and use business solutions to tackle the world’s social and environmental problems. At Unite, our team includes former consultants, lawyers, accountants, public servants and entrepreneurs, all of whom add diverse and innovative ideas and approaches to the mix.
  • The concept of a job for life won’t exist. Changing workforce expectations, the ability to use technology to perform more project / portfolio work and skills shortages in many industries have all transformed the jobs market and the way people approach their careers. This has all brought greater expectations of the ability to move between projects, organisations and roles and a radical shift in the traditional models of attracting and retaining talent.


Author by Anna Gowdridge, 21 January 2015

Access on 25 August 2015.


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