Indonesia’s PUNCAK mountain resort hosts World Paragliding Accuracy Championship: first outside Euro

Lets talk about extreme sport.

You can say diving, hiking, skiing, scuba diving, racing, etc.

But have you try paragliding?

For new comer / beginner, it’s not as extreme as you see.

We still have a person to guide and make us safe at the air.

I have try it many times.

It’s fun.

It’s like flying without wings.

Okay, lets start, this international sport, usual conducted in Europe.

Now, they do it in Indonesia.

Its a honor for us.

This event will takes place in Bogor, around 50 km from city of Jakarta.

There are 135 participants from many countries.

You can find the article, as follow.


Indonesia’s PUNCAK mountain resort hosts World Paragliding Accuracy Championship: first outside Euro

The mountain resort of Puncak near Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta has been selected to host the 8th World Paragliding Accuracy Championship  (WPAC), which is set to take place from 9th – 17th August 2015.  This coincides with Indonesia’s Independence Day which falls on 17th August.

“This is indeed an outstanding occasion for Indonesia since this is the first time that the WPAC is being held outside its home base in Europe”, said Gendon Subandono, Chairman of the WPAC Organizing Committee, as reported by antaranews. Gendon Subandono was leader of Indonesia’s national team to WPAC 2011 held in Czechoslovakia.

Puncak, meaning the Peak, has long been a haven for Jakarta citizens to get away from crowded city life. Puncak is indeed the highest point in the road before it descends to the direction of Bandung.  Surrounded by breathtaking mountain views on Mt. Gede and Mt. Pangrango, Puncak offers vistas of swathes of green tea plantation, dotted by villages and paddy fields undulating over the hills and in the distance the town of Bogor.  

Lately Puncak has become the haunt for paragliders so that it is indeed a global recognition of its quality that the World Paragliding Accuracy Championship is now being held in Puncak.

This bi-annual event will stage 135 of world’s best paragliding pilots from 19 countries who will compete for the Best Most Accurate Landing Award,  that will be divided into three categories, namely: Men’s individual, Women’s individual, and teams. Each country is allowed to field 10 participants, explained Gendon further. Indonesia itself aims to win three gold medals in this competition.

Alongside international athletes, six international judges will sit on the international panel comprising 3 panelists from Asia and 3 from Europe.

Indonesia was chosen this year since Indonesia has submitted its proposal to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale , who has  accepted and agreed on the proposal.

The WAPC 2015 is supported by Indonesia’s Ministry for Sports, the Ministry for Tourism, the Provincial Government of Jakarta, the District Government of Bogor,  and the Secretary General of Indonesai’s Aero Sports Association, Air Marshal Nilhandri. The event will be officially opened by the Minister for Sports, Imam Nahrawi.

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