If You’re Not Happy, Stop Complaining and Make a Change

All peoples have a 24 hours a day.

Most of us live for more than 50 years old.

Some us of happy with their life, some not.

Can you see that?

Okay, let see some of posting on social media every Monday morning.

You can find a posting with ” I don’t like Monday”.

Or, I hate my life.

Or I want to be born again.

Or, posting an angry selfie.

It’s up to peoples, they have a right to do that.

But, don’t forget that their connection in social media can always see this update.

Remember, your posting is your personal brand.

Please be careful about that.

Okay, lets back to unhappy, and angry with life.

Why they do that?
There are some reasons.

1. They have a boring life.

2. They have a bad job, poor salary.

You can mention a lot of things, but mostly related with financial problems.

What’s wrong with that?

Based on a research, the biggest trigger of family divorce is come from financial problems.

Hmn, still confuse?

No problem, let we taking an example.

1. Movie Spiderman.

As a new hero, Peter Parker have a problem, whether choose Mary Jeane (his girl friend) and ordinary life, or his hero and quiet life.

He got this dilemma when his girl friend taking by someone else.

Then, he identify the problem, change his attitude to attract Mary Jeane, create a plan of new life, and take an action (throw up his costume).

Of course, at the end of movie, he took again his costume.

We are just focus on his action and plan to remove the mental block.

2. Owner of Alibaba

He was a poor man, with only a little salary as an English teacher.

Of course, he had a mental block.

But, he had a plan to change his life.

He identify his life problem, plan his business, and do an action.

Of course, you can find a complete story on the internet.

What I focus on is they were not surrender of their life.

Of course, as a human, they had a give up statement, but only a temporary.

They realize need a change.

There are many things to realize unhappiness.

1. Identify your root of cause.

What the real problem.

Is it a financial, your behavior, or anything else.

Remember, if you see a problem, digging more and more again.

Sometimes, it’s not a real problems.

Like a dog to find a bone in a park.

We see that there is nothing on the land, but suddenly, the dog run, dig, and find a bone or something undergound.

Just like that, sometimes, the problems are not real root of cause.

2. Create a plan and mitigation action

After identify the root of cause, you must create a plan.

If you give up with your job, then improve your self before find another job.

You can take another study, expand your relationship, expand your knowledge, etc.

If you want to be a business owner, prepare it.

Yes, most people afraid with unsettle income.

E.g. usual you received USD 3000 as a monthly salary, then now, as a new business owner, you’ve got USD 30 in your first year.

It’s ok, as long as you still have a positive income from your business.

3. Execution

After planning, execute it.

Execution is somethings that really hard to do.

Even more educated / experience people still can not do that, in a timely manner.

Execution is a simple rather than complex things.

Most of us always thing complex to give a product or service to customers.

But, mostly, peoples need are simple.

E.g., In Jakarta we have a new system transportation, called GoJek.

GoJek is an Ojek.

Ojek is using motorcycle to take us around.

The system like taxi, you ask, bargain, and they will take you to the destination.

With GoJek, new system, you can monitor the driver, proper rate, no bargain, and more secure.

It’s a basic need for people n Jakarta and someone has succes to bring it up.

You can read another article, as follow.


If You're Not Happy, Stop Complaining and Make a Change

1. Determine why you are unhappy.

There are several reasons why you could be unhappy — you could be working a job that you don’t truly love, working with people you don’t enjoy being around or doing something you are over-qualified for.

It might not be work related at all — you might be in a dead end or unhealthy relationship. There could be a million different reasons, and it’s up to you to identify them. Whatever they are, just know that you aren’t going to find true happiness until you first single out what the problem is.

2. Change your attitude.

The first thing I mentioned above was the “FML” and “Ugh, I hate Mondays” social media status updates we all see on a regular basis — that type of attitude sets the tone. If you are constantly filling your head with a negative outlook, what do you expect will happen?

Negative thoughts breed negativity and unhappiness, while positive thoughts breed positivity and happiness.

When it comes down to it we are all responsible for our own happiness. The only way you will be happy is by changing your attitude and understanding that you are in full control, and fully capable of changing your situation.

3. Create a plan to reach happiness.

When you know why you are unhappy and are armed with a positive attitude, you can start to devise a plan to achieve happiness. This is where many people hit a mental roadblock and self-doubt enters their minds.

“I’m not going to find a better job.”
“I wont find someone else.”
“I’m too old to start a business.”

Excuses are made to justify remaining miserable. If you are serious about truly being happy you need to push all self-doubt out of your mind and commit to developing a plan to become happy. Determine what your ultimate end goal is and reverse engineer the steps you will need to take to reach it.

4. Take action and don’t look back.

With your plan outlined it’s time to move forward and never look back. Simply taking action doesn’t guarantee results — your journey to happiness could include mistakes, rejection and disappointment. But if you don’t take action there is only one guarantee, and that is your situation will never improve and you will remain unhappy.

Happiness isn’t going to happen overnight — you have to continue to push forward, regardless of how difficult it may appear.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. — Winston Churchill

If you need a little motivation or a support group check out this online community I started. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is key.



Author by Jonathan Long, 27 July 2015

Access on 29 July 2015


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