The Useful Features You Might Not Know About on Facebook, LinkedIn and More (Infographic)

How many social media account that created by you?

Facebook, Twitter, Google +, tumbr, Instagram, Path, etc.

Okay, you have more than 5 account, or maybe you have an account in every social media.

Wow, it’s good.

But it’s a great way?

Do you use and update it every time?

I bet not.

Most of people would update less than 5 social media account every day, on regular basis.

Then, how do you manage the content?

To upload your selfie? Photos? Update status?

What ever you do, it’s your reflection.

That’s your personal branding is.

People will see you as like as your social media show to public.

Even a HR and headhunter, will find and background check with your professional or expertize.

So, be careful with your update.

There are many cases that positive and negative way.

On positive, you can propose someone to marry you, apply for a job, getting a new clients, online marketing by company.

On negative, you can fire by company, someone write a bad writing on your public wall.

Just be brave on whatever side impact on social media.

We will discuss on another article.

Now, we focus on technical things.

I have used some of these technique and it’s works.

You can find the article step, as follow, by another author.


The Useful Features You Might Not Know About on Facebook, LinkedIn and More (Infographic)

Did you know you can attach four photos to a single Tweet? Did you know that you can get Facebook messages from people you aren’t friends with? Did you know that you can export a list of all of your LinkedIn connections?

For more of these sorts of lesser known features on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have a look at the infographic embedded below, generated by customer relationship management software Salesforce.

Chances are you spend a pretty substantial amount of your life on social media. Be sure that you are getting the most out of your experience.

Hidden Features for Social MediaInfographic:


Author by Catherine Clifford, 26 July 2015.

Access on 27 July 2015.


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