Leadership In One Word: Faith

Leadership, this word seems high level,

Some people said Leader on Ship.

Other said Leaders’ hip :).

Or Lead only?

Whatever you have on mind, Leadership is an important skill that need for us.

It’s not about Leading in office, as a manager or CEO.

It’s not only about getting profit or best people.

Rather than big thing, Leadership is simple term.

It’s about leader for something with specific goals.

Okay, let see on our daily life.

1. An ant.

Have you see recent movie, title “Ant-Man”.

What did you see on that movie?

Interesting, funny, entertaining?

Yes, but we don’t focus on that things.

We focus on how he train him self and and his “Ant army”.

Discuss one by one, from the beginning of the movie.

a. Scott Lang.

After his prison time, his friends ask him to join on crime activity again.

Due to his family condition, he accepted this job.

What do you see on this? His friend put a “faith” on him.

They are rely on his ability and put him as a leader to do this crime activity.

They believe him.

b. Dr Hank Pym.

He has a mission to find someone he trust.

Then he found out a skill of Scott Lang.

He also see his leadership, rare personality, and family power.

Why he choose Scott rather than his daughter (Hope Van Dyne)?

Beside his love with his daughter and protect her from danger, he found that Scott’s leadership is more pure and stronger to be combine with his “ant-man” suit.

c. Training with Ants.

At first step, Scott have no ideas.

He always fails and the ant army didn’t hear his command.

After several training and approach, they become one, united.

Can you imagine that they are from several groups, with different characteristics.

The have their own leader on their group.

Now, ant army has a new one Leader.

Each leader on their group put a “faith” n him.

d. Final movie.

On final movie, you can see that all of peoples and ants support Scott Lang.

With his leadership, they can accomplish the mission.

2. Father on family.

It’s a simple leader on your home.

All member on the family have a respects on him, put a “faith”.

That’s what father are for.

You can image if a home without a leader, it will a mess everywhere.

The point of this matter are earn confidence. Listen hard. Be empathetic. Think before you talk.

I share you another article from another author.


faith in leader

True confession: There have been some years that I grew so tired of leadership books that I couldn’t even walk into a bookstore for fearing of seeing another.

After pulling myself together, it occurred to me that we could all put this debate to rest with a single word: faith.

I don’t mean faith in the religious sense.

Leadership is about earning and retaining the faith of others.

It’s not about being ego-driven and charismatic versus being selfless and soft-spoken. These are personal qualities that have little to do with leadership. It’s not about being a taskmaster versus being a nurturing presence.

If you want to be a leader, your focus needs to be on earning the faith of people around you.

People want great leaders to succeed. They want to have faith that if the leader succeeds, they, too, will succeed.

“To have faith in a leader,’ wrote Gardiner Morse in a classic HBR article, “People must also believe in his or her competence and steadiness. That’s why it’s so important that leaders have both character and capacity. Each is essential to earning people’s trust.”

In other words, to earn faith you must have empathy for the circumstances of others and must commit yourself to improving those circumstances.

There is not just one way to accomplish this, because there is not just one situation in life.

If you seek to rally people who have no food, clothing or shelter, you may employ a strategy that fulfills their basic human needs. But if you want to win over investors who crave a 20% rather than a 4% return, you will follow a different path altogether.

Either way, the question in your mind should be: how can I earn their faith?

Talking will not be enough. Vision will not be enough.

To earn faith, you actually have to do stuff. You need results. You need to overcome obstacles and get back up after you’ve been knocked down.

I’m not just talking to Fortune 500 CEOs or business executives in general. You can be a leader in your local community or on your pickup soccer team. You can volunteer at a non-profit organization and become an effective leader there.

Leadership does not have to be about money and profits. It can just as easily be about making a few lives better, or about solving a problem that has long plagued a group of people.

Here’s the rub. Many aspiring leaders think that leadership is about being the smartest person in the room, the loudest, the most charismatic, or the wealthiest. None of these are true.

It’s about faith. Start small. Achieve results. Earn confidence. Listen hard. Be empathetic. Think before you talk.

Over time, you will earn the faith of others. When you do, don’t let it go to your head. Don’t suddenly act like an ego-driven Master of the Universe. Once you do this, the faith that people have in you will start to erode.

Leadership isn’t complicated, but it is hard. No one ever said it was easy to earn and hold the faith of others. But it is easier when you understand that this is what powers all effective leaders.



Author Bruce Kasanoff, on 23 July 2015.

Access on 27 July 2015


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