Things Successful People Do on Weekends

What do you do on your spare time? Your weekend? Your Holiday?

Doing nothing? LIke a song Bruno Mars – Lazy Song? Or Roxete – Spending My Time?

It’s okay to relax all day, but at least, plan it before and do it a little thing.

Dont just do nothing and waste your life time.

Remember, Time is a very valuable treasure for a human.

Until now, we can not turn back a time.

I have some tips for your weekend.

1. Plan it before.

Like a business, work, or holiday, plan it. You can use it for everything, but plan it before, even for a small activity. E.g. clean up your home, take a full rest from a busiest weekdays. At least, plan somethings.

2. Stay away from a technology for a few hours.

Turn off your gadget, TV, internet, and other technology stuff. Release your body and soul to enjoy a quiet life. Go outside for sport, hangout, or even a sleep. Your body need to clam down.

3. Enjoy life with your family, friends, wife, child, etc.

After a busiest weekdays, spend it without a business things. Appreciate your self to learn and socialize. It will give you a good calm down situation.

4. Do your weekend stuff on weekend and plan a next one weekdays on Sunday night.

On Sunday night, you need to prepare your self to be ready for another next week busiest things.

5. Do it something different.

If you like cooking, try gardening. If you like eating, try sport.

Do something different.

This is an example from a full article.


Things Successful People Do on Weekends

Plan Your Weekend

You plan your career, vacation and workday. Why not plan your weekend? Don’t try to plan every hour but schedule two-three events for your weekend such as meeting up with friends for dinner or visiting a museum or going to a concert. This will help you prevent being locked up in the house and give you an excuse to go out for a change.

Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

You are generally busy during the week so spending your weekend with loved ones is one of the best options. This can be your family or friends or both. Spending time with them will help you relax, refresh your mind and simply be happy. Therefore, you will start your workweek as a more peaceful person.

Unplug Yourself

Stay away from stress. Turn off your computer and smart phone for at least a few hours and force other people around you to do the same. In this way, you can spend more quality time with each other and enjoy your weekend freely.

Get Ready for the Rest of the Week

Take Saturdays off for having fun and relaxing but use Sundays to get the errands done and make a strategy for the rest of the week. For example; on Sundays do your laundry, clean the house and cook a great meal so when Monday comes, you are ready to go.

Do Something Different

Your weekends should feel different than your workweeks. For this reason, find yourself hobbies to do on weekends like swimming or playing tennis or painting. If you don’t have any hobbies, you can go to the gym and exercise. This will help you clear your mind and let your body recover from the stress of the workweek.


Author Ceren Cubukcu, 17 July 2015

Full article, access on 20 July 2015


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