The 5 Biggest Reasons People Remain Stuck

How’s your business lately? Stuck? Most of them would answer the same in this low economic.

Maybe we need to look back to our self. Ask your self in front of a mirror.

Say it loudly “Are you okay?”.

Funny isn’t, but sometimes we need to do it. Just like someone who tell us the truth.

Let me share:

1. Boost your motivation again. Look back about the reason why we want to growth this business. When we down, it would help us to relive again.

2. Check with your habit to support your business target. If not, change it.

3. Always learn and avoid comfort zone. It will kill you day by day.

4. Get benefit of your contact connection. It will help you to find something that you miss already.

E.g. I bet most of you playing games, right? Now, remember about the difficulty to pass a higher level. Frustrated? Yes, of course. Most of us will try again, or stop for re-think again the best strategy. Then you will analyst of the way you play, the mistake, etc. Then, you will try and learn again. If still have difficulty, you will ask your friends to help and asking for a clue. Then, finally the game is completely finish.

I give you another example on following article.


The 5 Biggest Reasons People Remain Stuck

In the entrepreneurial world, being stuck is one of the most frustrating situations imaginable, especially for entrepreneurs. By nature, these folks are eager to push the boundaries and work towards the future so being in a rut is a nightmare for many.

Here are a few common underlying themes when people feel like they are at a dead end and how to become unstuck.

1. Lack of motivation

For better or for worse, the entrepreneurial life is romanticized and glamorized to an incredible degree, drawing in a lot of excited minds who are eager to make their mark. While it’s a definitely a riveting path, people tend to glaze over the sheer amount of work required. A nine-to-five workweek simply isn’t an option for entrepreneurs. In fact, that’s practically a vacation for them. A lot of people lose motivation upon realizing how much work it takes, which unfortunately causes them to stay at square one.

One way to reenergize yourself is to remember all the exciting reasons why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. Staying focused on these reasons will create new momentum in your business.

2. Poor daily habits

Every entrepreneur will attest to how important it is that they follow a certain ritual each day to get in the right frame of mind. Some do yoga, others read personal development books while still others like to write each day. Whatever it may be, these routines set the tone for their day. Ignoring this step in the entrepreneurial process is common, which is a shame as it’s one of the most important things a person can do on a daily basis. Poor daily habits set a standard that simply isn’t conducive to greatness, and can cause entrepreneurs to become uninspired.

Ask yourself, “What’s one habit that I have that’s not contributing positively to my success?”

3. Fear of the unknown

Let’s be honest, even as an entrepreneur, moving forward can be frightening. In fact, it can be downright terrifying. There’s no shame in this fear but allowing it to take over does nothing but dig that rut deeper. Instead, take a deep breath, say, “You can do this,” and take that next step forward.

People are afraid of the unknown, so why not remove the mystery and make it known? As your life is near the end, the last thing you want is to wonder, “what could have happened if I went for my dreams?”

4. Compliance with the status quoMany people are happy with where they are, and there’s obviously nothing wrong with that. Job security and financial safety are incredibly important and in an ever-changing world, consistency is comfortable. However, people move forward when they’re willing to take risks, and taking chances naturally means that someone isn’t happy with the status quo. Entrepreneurs want more; they never want to settle. We should strive to reach new heights, blaze new trails, and go for our dreams. Maintaining the status quo isn’t negative, but it doesn’t allow for improvement or advancement, which keeps most people stuck.

5. Isolation

Business success is all about relationships, and building connections with others is paramount to entrepreneurial success. No one builds an empire alone, yet all too often people walk alone, despite the opportunities for excellent relationships that can be made available through a bit of networking. Reaching out and creating a connection isn’t a skill reserved for the elite; virtually anyone can do it. Self-imposed isolation is something that can be overcome, and doing nothing about it, is perhaps the easiest thing a person can do to stay stuck. I’ve found that participating in weekly mastermind groups is a great way to stay connected with other high achievers.




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