Temporarily Closed: Bali and Lombok International Airports caused by Mt. Raung volcanic ash

Have you come to Bali and Lombok. If not, you must, once in your life. Its a God island.

Currently, we have an eruption from Mountain Raung volcanic ash. It’s not effect on the airport or city, but the ash is still in the air.

If the plane insist to go, it will cause a huge damage on the airplane machine.

You can read the full article, as below.


Source: http://www.indonesia.travel/en/news/detail/1764/temporarily-closed-bali-and-lombok-international-airports-caused-by-mt-raung-volcanic-ash

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Temporarily Closed:  Bali and Lombok International Airports caused by Mt. Raung volcanic ash

Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation has temporarily closed the international airports of Bali and adjacent island of Lombok, based on information issued by the Volcanological office that volcanic ash caused by the eruption of Mt. Raung in East Java is now blowing due south-east into the direction of flight paths to the airports of Bali and Lombok.

Other airports similarly closed are the smaller airports of Banyuwagi, Bondowoso, and Selaparang in Lombok.

Closed from 22.45 hrs Central Indonesia Time on Thursday night 9 July, the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) mentioned that the airports were due to open to air traffic at 09.30 hrs on Friday, 10 July, however, this morning closure has been extended to 21.30 hours local timetonight. Whether this will be further extended is dependent on the direction of the wind.

Mt. Raung, an active volcano located on Java’s east-most end almost facing the island of Bali, first erupted on 24 June and has since increased its activities. Volcanologists advise that Mt. Raung is not a typical one explosion volcano, but one that continues to explode several times during an unpredictable period.

Even before the closure of the airports a number of Australian airlines, including Jetstar, and Virgin,  had already cancelled a number of flights to Bali since they were to fly across the path where the volcanic ash was being blown.

With today’s full day closure, Bali airport authorities said that some 316 flights have been cancelled including 148 International and 168 domestic flights, and some 50,000 international and domestic passengers diverted to later flights or have cancelled.

Today, Garuda Indonesia cancelled all flights to Bali,  Lombok and further east to Labuan Bajo (Komodo airport), and of course international and domestic flights leaving from Bali. The airlines informed the press that ticket cancellations will be fully refunded.

Mt. Raung located near the town of Bondowoso, East Java is 3,332 meters high, and the volcano has spewed  volcanic materials to a height of over  5 km. , to  a level that endangers planes. Mt. Raung has a 2 km wide caldera which is 500 meters deep. Through its first explosion a second caldera is reported to have been created.

Passengers leaving to and from Bali and Lombok please contact your respective airline for confirmation of flight departure.  




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