Indonesia’s Marines lead campaign on Coral Reefs Restoration : Save our Littoral Life

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Posted on 6 Jul 2015

=Indonesia’s Marines lead campaign on Coral Reefs Restoration :  Save our Littoral Life

The Indonesian Marine Corps has decided to take on additional duties alongside defending the Indonesian territorial waters, namely the Conservation and Restoration of Coral Reefs and saving littoral life in a nation-wide campaign called : Save our Littoral Life

Brainchild of the Commander of the Indonesian Marine Corps Major Gen (Mar) Buyung Lalana, the plan is to replant 1 million coral substrates across the coasts of the Indonesian archipelago, covering an area equal to 100 hectares of coral reefs at 22 points, stretching from Weh island in Aceh province in the west-most part of Indonesia to Merauke in Indonesia’s east most province of Papua.

Indonesia is recognized as possessing the second longest coastline in the world after Canada , covering a total swathe of 54,716 km.

But, with global warming and destruction of coral reefs through the use of dynamite by fishermen, unfortunately , many parts of the reefs have been destroyed.

Therefore, to restore the grandeur of the seas the Indonesian Marine Corps has decided to take it upon themselves to start a national campaign to replant young corals for eventual growth.

The 1 million coral substrates are planned to be completed before Indonesia’s Independence Day on 17 August 2015.  Among those already planted are along the coast of Bama at Situbondo, in East Java , along the Trikora Beach west of the island of Bintan in the Riau Islands and at  Pramuka Island in the Thousand Islands facing the capital city Jakarta.

For this purpose, under the slogan : Save our Littoral Life, the Indonesian Marine Corps has established cooperation with a number of Television stations and media, among which the SCTV, Indosiar, O Channel, and, explained Brig. Gen. (Mar)  RM Trusono to Liputan 6.

The Marines also call on local governments and the public at large to join in this nation-wide campaign.

Through  the conservation and replanting of Indonesia’s precious coral reefs, the nation will not only conserve precious natural resources and revive maritime and coastal cultures, but healthy coral reefs will moreover, make available sustainable supply of food and protein for the population.

Besides taking care of the coral reefs, the program Save Our Littoral Life is also aimed at improving and conserving mangrove forests and life, seaweed production and fish culture.

Through example and leadership the Marines hope that local island populations will better care for their surrounding seas that offer unparalleled beauty and sustainable food supply.

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