Syawal starts on July 17, says Muhammadiyah

The Muhammadiyah central executive board’s tarjih (law making) and tajdid (reform) councils on Tuesday officially decided that the first day of Syawal, which marks the coming of Idul Fitri, would fall on Friday, July 17. The decision was based on hisab (astronomical or mathematical calculations), it added.

“Syawal 1, 1436H, will fall on Friday, July 17, and we predict that this year, there will be no difference in opinion concerning the start of Syawal between Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama [NU],” the head of Muhammadiyah’s tarjih and tajdid councils, Syamsul Anwar, on Tuesday.

He said ijtima or the period in which the moon was in between the sun and the earth, would occur at 08:26:29 a.m. on Thursday, July 16.

“The height of the moon when the sun goes down in Yogyakarta will be +03 degree 03’22’’, which is the hilal, the appearance of the new moon. In all areas across Indonesia, when the sun goes down on July 16, the moon will be already above the horizon,” said Syamsul.

He said that for the next five years, it was likely that there will be no difference between Muhammadiyah and NU in their determinations regarding the start of Syawal.

“In determining the start of Ramadhan, which falls on June 17, there was no difference between us [Muhammadiyah] and the government as well. However, there will be likely be a difference with those who have their own guidelines in determining the start of Syawal and Ramadhan, such as Naqsyabandiyah,” said Syamsul.

Muhammadiyah deputy chairman Yunahar Ilyas said representatives from the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia would attend the isbat (confirmation) meeting, which would be held by the government to determine the start of Syawal, as long as the meeting was closed to the public and all parties were ready to respect each other.


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