Beauty Professional Indonesia 2015 highlights Indonesia’s own Traditional Spa Treatments

beauty indonesia 2015

Following the tremendous success of the Beauty Professional Malaysia, which struck a chord in the beauty industry of the country and created a buzz around the region, the Beauty Professional Indonesia 2015 will now also take place in Jakarta, at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), to be held from 30th July to 1st August 2015

Beauty Professional Indonesia 2015 will be the first aesthetics, beauty and hair exhibition in this country designed to meet the demand of the flourishing beauty Industry here by providing beauty professionals with a platform to meet the right partners and view the latest trends. Featuring a stellar line-up of products, services, and activities that are sure to please even the most discerning beauty professionals, the event will involve over 130 exhibiting companies and 250 top brands from 15 countries. The 3 days special exhibition is projected to attract over 5000 visitors.

Nest to offering high technology innovative products and treatments, Beauty Professional 2015 will also feature Indonesia’s own authentic traditional beauty products and treatments in the ethno wellness sessions. Among the various unique traditional beauty and Spa treatment from across the archipelago that will be presented at the exhibition are  the Tangas from Jakarta (Betawi Ethnic group), Batangeh from West Sumatra (the Mingakabaus ), and Oukup from North Sumatra (the Bataks ). There will also be the popular Javanese Lulur, the Balinese BorehSo’oso from Madura Island, Banjar’s Batimung from South Kalimantan, the Minahasan Bakera from North Sulawesi, and Bedda Lottong from South Sulawesi’s Bugis ethnic tradition.

Indonesia’s beauty industry is recognized as the third largest in Asia, making their stronghold of beauty brands with manufacturing outlets locally to match the high demand from the domestic market as well as for the investments needed to feed this.

The exhibition involves the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME), The Indonesian Society for Aesthetic Medicine (PERDESTI), The Indonesian Physicians Association for Anti-Aging, Wellness, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine (PERDAWERI), and PPA Kosmetika Indonesia. Beauty Professional Indonesia 2015 is also supported by the Ministry of Tourism and the National Importers Association of Indonesia.

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