French Reality Show : Raid l’Arbre Vert Amazones 2015 Season takes location in Bali

French Reality Show : Raid l’Arbre Vert  Amazones 2015 Season takes  location in Bali

The popular French Reality Show : Raid l’Arbre Vert Amazones has decided to  make its 2015 location none other than the fabulous island of Bali in Indonesia.

The Raid Amazones focuses on women who go through many exciting adventures through exotic lands. Carrying  the theme Ecotourism, Culture and sports  the show invites women of all nationalities to join in  exciting and adventurous  competitions that include running, swimming events, kayaking, rock climbing, cycling, and archery.

In previous years the Raid Amazones has taken as location various countries around the world including Guyana, Reunion Island, Maurice island, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Mayotte, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Produced by ZBO Production house, the Bali shooting  is scheduled to take place between 6 – 16 October 2015, and has the full support of the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia.

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya,  in  a press conference, said that the Raid Amazone will carry the Wonderful Indonesia brand to viewers around the world, through which it is hoped that  more and more people in particular in France and Europe will be even more  attracted to spend  their  holidays filled with fun and activities in Indonesia.   This year the Ministry aims to attract over 230,000 French tourists.

With Indonesia just having announced Visa Free regulations for tourists from 45 countries, including French tourists, these may be  extended Visa Free facilities when entering and leaving Indonesia through Indonesia’s international airports of Bali,Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Batam, and through the seaports of Batam Center and Sekupang on the island of Batam, and Tanjung Pinang and Tanjung Uban on the island of Bintan, both islands  directly facing Singapore.

For more information and participation , log on to :,ssl&ei=9-mMVemTNpK5uASs1K3ICQ#q=raid+l%27arbre+vert+amazones+2015

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