3D technology is moving extremely fast as another company builds a 12,000 square foot home in China purely from printed 3D materials.

WHILE MANY COMPANIES, SUCH AS Amsterdam’s Dus Architects, have utilized 3D technology to develop parts of buildings to eventually fit together, one company in China has actually completed building a 12,000 square foot home. The company, WinSun (Yingchuang Construction Technique), used the technology to create and build the home in, what they say, was less than 24 hours.

3dbuildingThis 12,000-square foot home is built out of printed 3D materials.

The home stands 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide and 132 feet long and is comprised of recycled construction waste, industrial waste and tailings. The materials are sealed with quick-dry cement and reinforced steel. They also plan to build 100 recycling facilities around China to help keep up with demand.

On their website, WinSun describes the process as, “Using a CAD design as a template, a computer controls a mechanical extruder arm to lay down concrete, which is treated with special hardeners so that each layer is strong enough to support the next — one wall at a time. The pieces are subsequently joined together at a construction site.”

They say the walls are printed from special ink that is extracted and purified from fine natural stone, high-quality cement and fiber. The ink is a hard structure, capable of resisting earthquake an dhigh wind pressure and suitable for massive production. The quality of the walls is 50% lighter than traditional construction materials.

Last year, using four huge 3D printers, Yingchuang New Materials Inc. was able to print the shells of 10 one-room structures in 24 hours and at a cost of only about $5,000 per building. The buildings had to harden at the factory and then be transported and assembled on site. In January at a press conference, Yingchuang Construction Technique (Shanghai) Co., Ltd also announced the expansion of their 3D printing capabilities. After constructing 10 houses in under twenty-four hours they are back with the world’s tallest 3D printed building – a five-story apartment block – and a 1,100 square meter mansion with internal and external decoration to boot.


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