Indonesia welcomes visitors from 45 countries with “Free Short Stay Visa”

Indonesia welcomes visitors from 45 countries with “Free Short Stay Visa”

Indonesian government has officially released a new presidential decree declaring new countries eligible for free short stay visa to Indonesia, the new presidential decree is effective in 12th of June 2015, according to the new presidential decree the short stay visa are eligible only for a maximum stay of 30 days and could not be extended.
The new policy on free short stay visa is expected would boost number of foreign arrivals to Indonesia as well as improving services provided to foreign visitor to spend their holidays in various popular tourist destination in Indonesia.
Thirty new countries has been added to the previous list of fifteen countries which has already been given the privilege for free short stay visa.
The previous 15 countries (13 countries and 2 special administrative regions) were:
1.   Thailand
2.   Malaysia
3.   Singapore
4.   Brunei Darusallam
5.   Philippines
6.   Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region)
7.   Macao SAR (Special Administrative Region)
8.   Chille
9.   Morocco
10. Peru
11. Vietnam
12. Ecuador
13. Cambodia
14. Laos
15. Myanmar
While the following new 30 countries are recently added to the free short stay visa:
1.   People’s Republic of China
2.   Russia
3.   Republic of Korea
4.   Japan
5.   United States of America
6.   Canada
7.   New Zealand
8.   Mexico
9.   England
10. Germany
11. France
12. Netherlands
13. Italy
14. Spain
15. Switzerland
16. Belgium
17. Sweden
18. Austria
19. Denmark
20. Norway
21. Finland
22. Poland
23. Hungary
24. Czech Republic
25. Qatar
26. United Arab Emirates
27. Kuwait
28. Bahrain
29. Oman
30. South Africa
Free short stay visa entry for these countries is currently available only at the following entry points:
International Airports:
1.     Jakarta – Soekarno Hatta International Airport
2.     Bali – Ngurah Rai International Airport
3.     Medan – Kualanamu International Airport
4.     Surabaya – Juanda International Airport
5.     Batam – Hang Nadim International Airport
Adventure Training Camp, Bintan
International Harbors:
1.     Bintan – Sri Bintan Harbor
2.     Batam – Sekupang Harbor
3.     Batam – Batam Center Harbor
4.     Riau – Tanjung Uban Harbor

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