Achieving A Balanced Diet As You Travel

A big challenge for many people setting out on the trip of a lifetime is how to stay healthy and to eat a balanced diet with all of the great food that is out there to try. New destinations will introduce a wave of new foods, and in almost every place you visit there will be the local delicacy that you shouldn’t miss, and in many cases this will be a deep fried or a sweet treat that will delight your taste buds.

The important thing is not to give in to temptation for every meal, and to look to balance the unhealthy treats with the foods that are good for you. Most people will need to eat a few more calories as they travel as they will be more active, but it is important not to take this too far either.

Eating Street Food

From the wonderful empanadas you can find in South America through to the Pho Bo beef noodles of Vietnam, these street foods will often be the inexpensive options that you will find from portable carts and market stalls. In developing areas such as South East Asia, it is possible to survive on street food for every meal, including the famous banana pancake breakfast, but try to match these with healthy meals because while many street foods will include vegetables, but won’t usually be the most healthy options.

Know The Ingredients Of What You Are Eating

When it comes to the dishes that you purchase from restaurants and street food stalls, try to quickly search for these to see the ingredients, and how much butter, sugar and other additives go into making these dishes taste great.

If you are looking for good food that will be healthy, look for vegan or vegetarian restaurants, who will usually be able to give you more information on their dishes, and the ingredients that go into each portion.

Do You Need To Count Calories On A Long Term Trip?

In one word, no. Eating a balanced diet doesn’t mean that you have to check each portion and make sure that you aren’t going over your calorie allocation for that particular day. It is more important to have a general idea what you’re eating, to have a rough idea of when you have indulged and when you might want to balance it with a low calorie salad without too much dressing or a healthy stir fry.

Alcohol And Non-Alcoholic Drinks

This is another easy trap to fall into, particularly when you want to be able to try all the local specialties and taste what the locals like to drink. Trying the local beer and spirits shouldn’t be avoided, but also it is worth using common sense and not indulging too often, otherwise it can have negative affects and can be harmful if it is sustained over a long period.

Preparing Your Own Meals

If you stay in a hostel regularly during your trip, you will have access to a kitchen area, and this is a great option if you are trying to eat healthily as you travel. You can still pick out exotic foods by shopping at markets in the areas you are visiting, and you can even try your skills at cooking a few of the local dishes. This means you can be sure of what goes into each dish, and it also helps you to balance your diet as you travel.

Exercise And Activity

Eating healthily is an important part of remaining in good condition as you travel, but you can also help to stay healthy by keeping active as you travel. This can range from joining a yoga class or taking dancing lessons through to enjoying spectacular activities such as kayaking, mountain biking or hiking, which all contribute to keeping you in good shape

Portrait of young woman holding up melon slice in front of face, Danube Island, Vienna, Austria

Portrait of young woman holding up melon slice in front of face, Danube Island, Vienna, Austria

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